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For any business prepared to change their business model to one driven primarily by Digital ROI (return on investment).

Your marketing cost will move on your P&L from a Fixed Cost into a Cost of Sales. And we will work with you to drive your Gross Profit as far as it can possibly go. The rest is up to you!

Video explainer

In our own words

Creating video content for your business is an absolute must these days. We can help with all of the latest platforms and formats.

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Kapow your business

Initial review

Our first job will be to work with your board to establish what is possible in your industry. What are your biggest competitors doing well and how can we do it better. If you're a new business in a new industry than what do the platforms do well that would suit you. We will look at your branding and think about how best to translate that into a new digital giant.

All channels

We will do a review of all channels and rank them in order of which could be the most successful. Can your products/services be sold entirely online and remotely, in which regions, and through which platforms. We will then set up test campaigns and make connections to start to build a picture of what works, how and why.

Business structure

Successful digital businesses account for their online marketing costs within the Cost of Sales on the top line of their accounts. This is because we want to spend £1 to make £2. £10 makes £20, £100 makes £200. Then we add 0's until we can't add any more. To cope with that extra volumn of business we are going to need to create a slick sales team within the business using the latest hardware software. The good news is that this is what we do. We do it for our own companies and we can help you with yours.

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